Characters Part 2

The lopez
Arturo Lòpez
A mature man trying to get ahead and earn the respect of his family and neighbors, but it is no secret that the woman dominates. She often tries to use slang to relate to her children, but only sounds and sounds stupid.

Arturo is portrayed Moisés Suárez.

Magdalena Lopez Perez
Arturo’s wife, a smug woman obsessed with what others might think; You seem to have what I did not and what is not. He hates living in the building and categorizes them all as “Nacos”. You think you deserve to live anywhere else more appropriate for the classroom, even though you have not yet completed high school.

Magdalena is portrayed by Macaria.

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The 16-year-old daughter of Arturo and Magdalena: rebellious, lazy and dirty. She says that each time her parents put in place, which leads to Magdalena Petting Arthur. Find your brother to a hull “cutter” and live in constant friction with him. She loves hard rock and grunge.

Alejandra is played by Danny Perea.

Marco López
Magdalene and son of Arturo, greater than Alejandra brother. At age 17 he is only breaking up in his first year of high school after having had to repeat several school terms because of laziness. In an effort to give everything, his mother made him a parasite. It is ashamed of both parents and their social status.

Mark is portrayed by Vadhir Derbez.

Yesenia “O Yeyis” Treviño
Daughter of one of the old classmates Magdalena. Yeyis is a sweet but naive girl who grew up in a wealthy home and has no prejudices. He invited her to live with Lopez when Marco leaves to study abroad and his parents decide to take an extended vacation. While Alejandra considers an idiot and a nuisance, Yeyis believe that they are the best friends. He friendship and eventually begins a relationship with a friend of Alejandra and the bandwidth of the Pilot company, to the unhappiness of Alejandra.

The Yeyis is portrayed by Ahrid Hannaley.

San Luis Román
Neurotic and apprehension; Everything goes wrong for him. He is looking for a woman, but whenever he likes, he ends up preferring his friend Pedro.

Luis is portrayed by Darío Ripoll.

Pedro Medina
The kind inattentive and irresponsible, but good nature, but that takes life lightly. Like Luis, he sells all kinds of products in a trading company. Although not very intelligent, its charm and luck to do to drive. Take advantage of situations, but not malicious. He often earns business and sales to Luis. He enjoys football and can spend the day lying on the couch watching TV and eating junk food.

Or portrait of Pedro Pablo Valentín.

Luis “Luisito” San Roman II
A child that Luis and Pedro get up together after their mother, Luis girlfriend leaves him with them, claiming to be the son of Luis. Finally it turns out that Luisito is actually the son of his ex-boyfriend Ro and is taken away from the adoptive parent.

Luisito is interpreted by Ian Rubio de la Cerda.

Other characters
Doña Socorro “Doña Soco”
The owner of the building. Doña Soco is a ruthless business woman without any hesitation to throw away the neighbors if the benefits.

Doña Soco is played by Maria Rubio.

A homeless but intelligent man. Jorjais uses pathos to manipulate others into giving food, money, labor, etc. His ability, or rather the willingness to work often dominates the German, leading to a conflict between the two characters.

Jorjais is played by Manuel ‘Flaco’ Ibáñez.

Don Serafio
The local appliance, charging reasonable prices and always does a good job. Don Serafio is often frustrated by the neighbors’ willingness to listen to the German when he says he can do the same job faster and for a lower price and almost always comes back to fix everything when the German fails miserably.

Don Serafio is played by Pedro Romo.

Friend and bandmate of Alejandra, vocalist of his rock band. Pilot is a dimwitted boy who dresses in punk fashion, but is nothing more. He made friends with Yeyis in a plot to squeeze money from her, but eventually falls in love with her, going so far as to be willing to give up his friendship with Alejandra to stay with Yeyis.

Pilot is played by Luis Gerardo Mendez.

Gudelia is the German girlfriend who works as a waitress in a neighboring building.

Gudelia is played by Claudia Bollat.

The beautiful and muscular store owner near the palace. Grandson often flirts with Silvia, flexing right.

Neto is played by Benjamín Rivero.