Characters Part 1

The goalkeeper
Germán Martínez
The doorman of the building. It is lazy, but try to pretend the opposite front of the neighbors. I almost always wearing a baseball cap back, lace jeans and a very small and very skinny shirt.

The German is interpreted by Eduardo Spain.

The balboa
Don Roque Balboa
A retired old soldier. His neurotic character makes him intolerant and lives forever at odds with his neighbors. He has a teddy bear named Rambo.

Don Roque is portrayed by Polo Ortín.

Vanessa Balboa
He is a veterinarian and a tough animal lover. He lives with his grandfather Don Roque Balboa.

Vanessa is portrayed by Roxana Castellanos.

Doña Cata “Catita” Balboa
A strongly religious nurse hired by Don Roque’s son to care for him later leaves Vanessa. At first she is somewhat antagonistic towards Don Roque because he always tries to get her sweet (which the doctor he was unable to eat) and talk to him to do crazy things, but eventually developed a romantic relationship in his Tastes and hobbies surprisingly similar to getting married.

Doña Cata is played by Maria Prado.

The Olvera
Silvia Olvera
Desperate woman in charge of internal conflicts had not yet found her soul mate. He teaches ethics in high school and is going through a crisis of the thirties.

Silvia is portrayed by Mayrín Villanueva.

The Rivers / Rivers
Frankie Rivers (Rios)
An actor does not live in the past, reinventing every moment of that distant time when he appeared in the movie “Towel of the Wet.” Trying to get back in the world of action often writes scripts, but always starts plagiarizzare an already existing.

Frankie is represented by César Bono.

Lorena Rivers (Rios)
Frankie’s wife, a vicious gossip from a wealthy family.

Lorena is interpreted by Ana Bertha Espín.

Benito Rivers (Rios)
Lorraine and son Frankie, an innocent, focused and studious boy who wants to be a doctor. He also enjoys fighting games, and is often met up with Pedro Germán and play games or watch them on television. You feel embarrassed every time your mother forces you to wear costumes for your various (involuntary) audiences, which always fail.

Benito is portrayed by Octavio Ocaña.

Patricia “Pato” Alcantara
A mischievous girl who replaces Benito when he finds a way to run away from home using a student exchange program. Unlike Benito, Duck is not forced to do audiences instead and spends most of his spare time playing with his neighbors; his favorite target is German, who is often framed as guilty of his worst crimes.

Duck is played by Carla Zuckerman.